About Us

Jade Hydro is a well versed gardening store that strives to provide quality customer service from experienced staff members for all types of growers. Our goal is to help growers become more efficient and effective in their operations through traditional and modern gardening techniques. Located in Shawnee, OK, Jade Hydro believes in upholding local values of its community, while educating its customers to be sustainable, efficient, and adapting new emerging gardening technologies. Our mission is to inspire our local gardening community to grow healthy crops whether to be profitable, self-sufficient, or attain a healthier lifestyle from a full range of traditional and cutting-edge horticultural methods.

Our Story

Jade Hydro started from humble beginnings in 1997, when cannabis was still illegal. A group of childhood friends sat together in a circle and lit up a joint. That joint, and the course-altering conversation it inspired, became the spark that got them high on life’s challenges and blessings, which then transpired into a cannabis grow in Mecca, CA. Through this grow operation, the team built a greater bond from their experiences in the high desert and learned about their desire to help others expand their grow operations to their full potential. With the knowledge gained in creating more efficient operating procedures and the joy of watching other growers thrive, they decided to spread the seeds of experience and joy in farming to Oklahoma, while creating new adventures and journeys of their own.