Jade Cup is Coming to Oklahoma City April 2024

Oklahoma’s Premier Cannabis and Music Festival

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What our competition represents.

The Jade Cup competition is an event that highlights the cannabis industry’s evolution through the strategic blending of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Breeders and cultivators skillfully craft strains that synergize their strengths to optimize THC levels, color, and terpenes within the many challenging environments presented within Oklahoma. Each strain is paired with customized nutrient recipes tailored to each strain’s unique needs. In this competition, winners are determined based on several factors, including the aroma, flavor, trichome presence, THC and terpene levels. The collaboration between the breeder and cultivator plays a crucial role in achieving success in each category, resulting in them being honored with the title. By introducing new strains annually, the competition remains vibrant and aligned with industry innovation. By highlighting the distinctive genetics crafted by breeders and the adept nutrient management and cultivation environments overseen by cultivators, the competition underscores the blend of creative and scientific elements inherent in cannabis cultivation.. Jade Cup strives to stimulate continuous advancements in strain development and acknowledges excellence in the realm of cannabis breeding.

1. Entry (5 x Trophies) Date November 1st to November 31st

  1. Indoor Hybrid
    1. Indoor cultivation involves growing mature cannabis flowers under artificial lighting and within a controlled environment to manage factors like temperature and humidity.
  2. Sun Grown – Hybrid 
    1. “Sungrown cultivation entails growing mature cannabis outdoors under natural sunlight, without artificial lighting or protective structures. Artificial lighting is only allowed for nurturing young plants, not for the mature canopy area.”
  3. Greenhouse/Mixed Light – Hybrid
    1. “Mixed Light cultivation involves growing cannabis in structures like greenhouses, hoop-houses, or glasshouses, using a combination of techniques such as light deprivation and artificial lighting to manage the plant’s light exposure.”
  4. Extracts: Solventless and Solvents
    1. Solvents
      1. Ice Water Hash is a cannabis concentrate produced through a process of extracting compounds using ice and water.
      2. Rosin is a type of hash that undergoes an additional heat and/or pressure process after the initial extraction.
    2. Solventless
      1. Hydrocarbon extracts in liquid form, such as sauce and diamonds, involve using a secondary process to aid in separating THC-A crystals. These crystals are then combined with the terpene portion to create the final product
      2. Solid hydrocarbon extracts, like batter and shatter, are created through conventional extraction methods using hydrocarbons.
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2. Entertainment

Jade Cup is focused on offering a positive atmosphere featuring dynamic performers, including live artists like models, musicians, and artists. We’re excited to showcase a variety of food trucks that celebrate diverse cultures. Furthermore, we’re hosting engaging activities for participants to take part in and have a chance to win prizes.  
  1. Itinerary
    1. To be announced
  2. Food Trucks
    1. To be announced
  3. Artists
    1. Music Performers
      1. To be announced
    2. Painting
      1. To be announced
    3. Minxy Girls/Costume Models

3. Sponsors

Jade Cup is building a platform for local small businesses, artists, musicians, and the cannabis community. Our mission revolves around fostering a culture of mutual support and unity. Join us to be a part of an immersive experience featuring creatively designed decor, ambiance, and talented performers. Participate in diverse recreational activities at our Cannabis Cup event.

4. Judging (Entry date December 1st to December 31st)

Achieving fairness and equality in the competition hinges on a meticulous judging process. To achieve this, timely submission of entries from all applicants is essential. This enables us to employ our unique method, ensuring uniform entries upon submission. Our judging process incorporates statistical methods and new technologies to reduce potential errors. Transparency is key to any voting process and we will release our results and scoring at the end of the competition listed on our website. 
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